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South Kohala Community Development Plan
aka Hui Kuleana O Kohala Hema

The links below will lead you to PDF versions of the different chapters of the South Kohala Community Development Plan.

This document is also available upon request from either of the Hawai'i County Planning Department offices.

South Kohala Community Development Plan - Full Plan

Links to Chapters Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1  Planning Area
1.2  Purpose of the CDP
1.3  Planning Process
1.4  Drafting of the Final CDP
1.5  Precautionary Principle

2. South Kohala Yesterday and Today

2.1  General Physical Setting
2.2  South Kohala Yesterday: A Historical Overview
2.3  Land Use
2.4  Demographics, Local Economy, and Population Characteristics
2.5  Cultural and Natural Resources
2.6  Infrastructure and Public Facilities

3. District-Wide Policies

4. Waimea Town Plan

4.1  Current and Future Plans and Developments
4.2  Waimea Tomorrow: Waimea Conceptual Plan & Policies
4.3  Action Programs for Waimea

5. Waikoloa Village Plan

5.1  Current and Future Plans and Developments
5.2  Waikoloa Tomorrow: Waikoloa Conceptual Plan & Policies
5.3  Action Programs for Waikoloa Village

6. Kawaihae Community Plan

6.1  Current and Future Plans and Developments
6.2  Kawaihae Tomorrow: Kawaihae Conceptual Plan & Policies

7. Puakō Community Plan

7.1  Current and Future Plans and Developments
7.2  Puakō Tomorrow: Puakō Conceptual Plans & Policies
7.3  Action Programs for Puakō

8. CDP Implementation

8.1  CDP Action Committee
8.2  Implementation Matrix

9. Monitoring Plan: Are We Making Progress?

9.1  District-Wide Policies Monitoring Program
9.2  Waimea Town Plan Monitoring Program
Waikoloa Village Plan Monitoring Program
9.4  Kawaihae Community Plan Monitoring Program
9.5  Puakō Community Plan Monitoring Program

10. Glossary

11. References

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