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A collection of informational maps for Puna - includes maps illustrating agricultural land categories, bus routes, demographics, fire and police stations, population growth, schools, recreation facilities, water systems and more.
Image GIF image Puna CDP planning area - online view
Map of the Puna CDP planning area for online viewing
File PDF document Water service areas
Shows public and private water service areas in Puna
File PDF document Water pump stations
Shows locations of water pumping stations in Puna
File PDF document Volcano hazard zones
Shows volcano hazard zones in Puna
File PDF document Vegetation
Shows types and distributions of vegetation in Puna
File PDF document Septic and cesspool distribution
Shows distribution of septic systems and cesspools in Puna
File PDF document Schools
Shows location and type of schools in Puna
File PDF document Residency duration
Shows data on same home and same county residents since 1995 for various areas in Puna
File PDF document Recreation facilities
Shows recreation facilities in Puna
File PDF document Public facilities
Shows locations of public facilities in Puna - recreation, medical, police, fire, post offices, libraries, schools
File PDF document Post offices
Shows locations of post offices in Puna
File PDF document Population in census designated places 1980-2006
Shows charts of population in census designated places in Puna from 1980 to 2006
File PDF document Population growth 1980-2005
Shows population growth charts for various areas of Puna
File PDF document Police stations
Shows police stations in Puna
File PDF document Planning area - original PDF
Original-size PDF version of Puna CDP planning area map
File PDF document Natural hazards
Shows natural hazard areas such as tsunami zones, lava flow zones etc.
File PDF document Native forest reserves
Shows forest reserves, native forest and exceptional trees in Puna
File PDF document Medical facilities
Shows locations of medical facilities in Puna
File PDF document Major subdivisions
Shows major subdivisions in Puna
File PDF document Large landowners
On the island of Hawaii, a person or entity is considered a large landowner if they are in possession of 5,000 acres or more
File PDF document Housing tenure
Shows owner-occupied and rental housing percentages in different parts of Puna
File PDF document Historic sites
Shows historic sites in Puna, including those on state and national registers as well as others
File PDF document Fire stations
Shows existing fire stations in Puna
File PDF document Flood study area
Shows flood study area overlaid on topographical map of Puna and surrounding areas
File PDF document Bus routes
Shows existing bus routes in Puna
File PDF document Bike plan
Shows proposed bike routes in Puna
File PDF document Agricultural lands classification
File PDF document Age groups
Shows age group distribution in different areas of Puna
Department of Water Supply Presentation Materials for July 15, 2010 Action Committee Meeting
This folder contains materials presented by Milton Pavao, DWS Manager, at his appearance as a guest speaker during the Puna CDP Action Committee's regular meeting on July 15, 2010. The materials include two maps showing the location of DWS water distributiion wells, storage facilities and distribution system in the Puna District. Also included is an information sheet on the Olaa No. 6 production well and 1.0 million gallon (MG) reservoir Capital Improvement Project currently under construction and scheduled for completion in the summer of 2011.


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