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Coordinator contact information

Contact information for volunteer coordinators of the Puna CDP working groups
Please note that the working groups have completed their draft reports.
Those reports are available here.

For information about past Working Group meetings or any other issues specific to a particular working group please contact the Working Group Coordinator (listed below for each working group) via email.

  • Agriculture - Coordinator: James Weatherford,
  • Alternative energy - Coordinator:
  • Cultural and historical preservation - Coordinator: Keola Downing,
  • Economic opportunity - Coordinator: Ronnette Gonsalves,
  • Land use - Coordinator: Rob Tucker,
  • Natural resource protection - Coordinators:
    • Native forest protection issues - Bett Bidlemann,
    • Invasive species and additional issues - Pat Conant,
  • Parks and recreation - Coordinator: Erica Johnson,
  • Public services and infrastructure - Coordinator: Richard Bidleman,
  • Social Services - Coordinator: Mary Hyslop,
  • Transportation - Coordinator: Prema Qadir,
    • New Alternative Corridors Task Partnership (Transportation subgroup) - Coordinator: Keola Downing,
    • Mass Transit Task Partnership (Transportation subgroup) - Coordinator: Frankie Stapleton,
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