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Meeting Schedule

Puna Community Development Plan

Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

All meetings will be held at the Kea'au Community Center and will begin at 5:30 PM, unless noted otherwise below. 

Meeting dates after February 28 are tentative and may not be necessary depending on date the plan is submitted to the County for adoption and the need for Steering Committee to review and comment on substantive amendments or modifications by the County Council.

Meeting dates through July 2008:


  • December 13
  • December 20 - CANCELLED


  • January 10
  • January 16
  • January 24 - NOTE: meeting starts at 3:30 pm
  • February 7 - Recessed at 8:35 PM
  • February 11 - 3:30 PM reconvene Feb. 7 meeting
  • February 28 - NOTE: meeting starts at 3:30 pm (Recessed at 10:15 PM)
  • March 6 - 5:30 PM reconvene Feb. 28 meeting
  • April 17
  • May 15
  • June 19
  • July 17

NOTE: If you require an accommodation or auxiliary aid and/or services to participate in this meeting (i.e., sign language interpreter, large print, etc.) please call 961-8288, ext. 258.
If you are a lobbyist, you must register with the Hawai‘i County Clerk within five days of becoming a lobbyist. (Article 15, Section 2-91.3(b), Hawai‘i County Code).  A lobbyist means, “any individual engaged for pay or other consideration who spends more than five hours in any month or $275 in any six-month period for the purpose of attempting to influence legislative or administrative action by communicating or urging others to communicate with public officials.” (Article 15, Section 2-91.3(a)(6), Hawai‘i County Code).  Registration forms and expenditure report documents are available at the Office of the County Clerk-Council 333 Kilauea Avenue (Ben Franklin Building, 2nd Floor), Hilo, Hawai‘i 96720.
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