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Other Information

To clean up the website, some folders that are viewed less frequently are now in this folder: Amendments to the Puna CDP, Funding and Assistance Resources, Planning Phase, Planning Resources, Pāhoa Village Road Roundabout @ HWY 130.
Amendments to the Puna CDP
This folder contains communications and information regarding any proposed amendments to the Puna CDP.
Funding and Assistance Resources
This folder contains a variety of grant and other funding and assistance resources that may be applicable to Actions listed in the Puna CDP. These usually are opportunites for funding or other types assistance that are brought to the attention of the Planning Department and that may be available to community based groups.
Pahoa Village District Ordinance and Design Guidelines Aug 21, 2013 from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM Pahoa Community Center,
The Pahoa Regional Town Center Steering Committee will be hosting a public talk story meeting where a draft ordinance proposing amendments to Chapters 3 and 25 of the Hawaii County Code to create a Pahoa Village District in the Zoning Code (Chap. 25) that includes the requirement for compliance with architectural design guidelines being proposed for concurrent adoption by resolution. The ordinance further proposes to create a separate article establishing signage standards in the Pahoa Village District.
Pahoa Village Road Roundabout @ Hwy. 130
This folder contains information about the intersection safety improvements proposed by the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation for the Hwy. 130 and Pahoa Village Road intersection.
Planning Phase
This folder contains information and documents related to the entire planning phase of the Puna CDP. Documents included in this file range from the initial planning phase to adoption of the Puna CDP.
Planning Resources
This folder contains maps, previous planning efforts, land use workshop power point, population & housing projections, subdivision inventory & LOS, aerial photos and Kapoho Land Development maps.
Puna Subdivision Connectivity Talk Story Jan 03, 2013 from 03:30 PM to 05:30 PM Mt. View Gym Martial Arts Room,
The Upper Puna Mauka Talk Story Group is sponsoring a Talk Story on subdivision connectivity, including an emphasis on emergency preparedness. Information will be provided about emergency preparedness for people with disabilities or special transportation needs. Members of the Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee Subcommittee on Transporation/Connectivity will attend to guide in development of a specific action plan for early 2013. The planning document will be based on the connectivity criteria in the PCDP, as refined by the Talk Story Group. For information about PCDP AC Subcommittee considerations, contact Dan Taylor, For information about the Talk Story Group or the January 3 meeting, contact Hannah Hedrick,, 808 968-7013.
Research and Development Newsletter


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