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Budget Subcommittee

The AC typically assigns between 1-4 Members to serve on the Budget Subcommittee in July of each year to begin preparing the requests from the AC to the County for funding necessary to support implementation of the PCDP. The subcommittee typically deactivates following submittal of the AC budget requests to the Planning Director.
2015 Budget Subcommittee
2014 Budget Subcommittee
County of Hawaii CIP Budget for FY 2011-2012
This folder contains files to assist the Action Committee in submitting additions to the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget for projects that are identified in the Puna Community Development Plan.
File PDF document Budget Subcommittee Meeting Agenda for July 17, 2012
This agenda is for the first meeting of the Budget Subcommittee formed by the PCDP Action Committee at their July 10, 2012 meeting. This meeting is intended to inform the SC Members on the process for submitting budget recommendations to the County and to define a process for identifying appropriate and timely budget items.
2010 Budget & Finance Sub-Committee Reports
File PDF document Communication 2010-10: Kau CDP Steering Committee Letter - Responding to CDP Budget Support Request
Copy of a letter sent from the Kau CDP Steering Committee to the Puna CDP Action Committee, supporting and requesting continued funding of all communities CDP Steering Committee and Action Committee budgets.
2016 Budget Subcommittee
2016 Budget Subcommittee


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