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Amendment Subcommittee

The Amendment Subcommittee was formed to evaluate and draft comments the amendments proposed by Bill 194 in 2010, and to offer suggestions to the Planning Director for other amendments to the PCDP. This subcommittee was deactivated following the the submittal of the Action Committee comments on Bill 194 and suggestions for additional amendments.
Amendment Folder
This folder contains communications and information regarding proposed amendments to the Puna CDP
File PDF document Amendment Subcommittee Report - February 17, 2010
First report submitted by the Amendment Subcommittee since its formation. Provides a brief summary on the first three meetings and a summary of how the Amendment Subcommittee intends to proceed with gathering community input on proposed amendments.
Amendments Subcommittee Draft Recommendations on Proposed Amendments - March 2010
This report by the Amendments Subcommittees includes preliminary draft recommendations presented to the full Action Committee on the amendments proposed in Bill 194, Friends of Puna's Future, Hawaiian Shores Community Association and Kalapana Seaview Estates Community Association.


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