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2017 Meetings

2017 Meetings


January 9, 2017

Meeting Materials

North Kohala Senior Center

1/9/17 Agenda

1/9/17 AC Testimony Taken

Ag Water Meeting PWR 2016.11.30

NKC Access Group Notes 2016.12.7

PVEC Subcommittee Report

March 13, 2017

North Kohala Senior Center

3/13/17 Agenda

3/13/17 Final Minutes

CDP Notes for Jan 2017 (No Quorum)

Parks, Water, Roads Feb 22, 2017

Growth Mgmt Report 2017.01.16

John Winter Report

Affordable Housing Subcommittee March 2017 Report

Power, Viewplanes, Erosion Control Subcommittee Report 

May 8, 2017

North Kohala Senior Center

5/8/17 Agenda

5/8/17 Draft Minutes

5/8/17 Final Minutes

Draft Letter AC-Mayor Kim

General Plan Presentation 

June 19, 2017

Kohala Intergenerational Center

6/19/17 Agenda

6/19/17 Meeting Report

N. Kohala Action CommitteeScenario Planning Presentation 

Letter to Director Michael Yee

July 10, 2017

North Kohala Senior Center

7/10/17 Agenda

7/10/17 Meeting Report

Comm. No. 2017-01 Access Group Notes

Comm. No. 2017-02 Power, View planes, Erosion Report

Comm. No. 2017-03 Parks, Water, Roads Report

Subcommittee Sunshine Matrix

September 11, 2017

North Kohala Senior Center

9/11/17 Agenda

 9/11/17 Meeting Report

Comm. No. 2017-04 Access Group Agenda August

Comm. No. 2017-05 Access Group Notes July

Comm. No. 2017-06 Parks, Water, Roads July

Comm. No. 2017-07 Access Group Agenda 

Comm. No. 2017-08 Access Group Notes August

Comm. No. 2017-09 Access Group Agenda Sept.

Comm. No. 2017-10 Access Group Notes Sept. 

Comm. No. 2017-11 CIP Spreadsheet 2018-2019

Comm. No. 2017-12 Sunshine Law Discussion

NKCDP Action Committee Scenario Strategy Presentation

November 13, 2017

Hisaoka Gym

 11/13/17 Agenda

11/13/17 Draft Minutes

Comm. No. 2018-06

11.13.17 FINAL Minutes


5/8/17 Draft Minutes

 9/11/17 Meeting Report

Comm. No. 2017-11 CIP Spreadsheet

Comm. No. 2017-12 Subcommittees &Sunshine Law

Comm. No. 2017-13 Letter to Planning Director DRAFT

Comm. No. 2017-13B Letter to Planning Director v2

Comm. No. 2017-13.2 CIP Recommendation Letter to Director FINAL

Comm. No. 2017-14 Access Group Notes 9.6.17

Comm. No. 2017-15 Access Group Notes 10.4.17

Comm. No. 2017-16 Growth Mgmt Group Notes 11.6.17

Comm. No. 2017-17 John Winter CDP-CIP Spreadsheet

Comm. No. 2017-17B J. Winter CDP-CIP Spreadsheet v2 

Comm. No. 2017-18 Action Committee Activities 2017

Comm. No. 2018-01 AC Meeting Schedule 2018


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