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Steering Committee Selection

Information and documents related to the Steering Committee selection process

Steering Committee applications were originally due November 21, 2008, but the deadline was extended to November 28.  For two months prior to the deadline, the summary of Steering Committee roles and responsibilities, the Steering Committee selection criteria, and the Steering Committee application were available.

37 people applied, three withdrew, and two didn't meet the minimum requirements, so 32 applicants were considered.  All information related to applicants for County boards and commissions is confidential, so the names of applicants are not available; however, information related to the Mayoral nominees is publicly available.

Review committee members were selected because of their affiliation with the County and their familiarity with CDPs and Ka`u, and effort was made to balance County and community perspectives.  To avoid the delays associated with a selection process for the review committee, prospects were limited to County employees and members of the Ka`u CDP project team.  The Planning Director approved the review committee composition.  Committee members include:

  • Teresa Alderdyce, Ka`u CDP Community Liaison and Ka`u resident
  • Pam Mizuno, Manager, Pana`ewa Recreational Complex and Ka`u resident
  • Nalani Parlin, Ka`u CDP Community Planning Assistant and Ka`u resident
  • Nancy Pissichio, Project Manager, Kona CDP
  • Ron Whitmore, Planner, Long Range Planning, and Ka`u CDP Project Manager.

Background and residency checks were conducted for all applicants, applications were scored against the selection criteria, and some applicants were interviewed.  The review committee then forwarded recommendations to the Planning Director for composing a Steering Committee that is representative of the diverse interests and perspectives of Ka`u's residents and stakeholders. On January 27, 2009, the acting Planning Director forwarded his recommended list of nominees to the Mayor for his review. 

As required in the General Plan, the Mayor nominates Steering Committee members, who must be confirmed by the County Council.  On February 19, the mayor transmitted the following list of Steering Committee nominees to the County Council: Donna-Marie Ambrose, Patti Barry, Richard Creagan, Robert DaMate, Ron Ebert, Leina`ala Enos, Michelle Galimba, Loren Heck, Eldridge Naboa, Marino Ramones, and Simon Torres, Jr.

On Tuesday, March 17, the County Council’s Planning Committee considered the nominations and recommended the following nominees for confirmation: Donna-Marie Ambrose, Patti Barry, Robert DaMate, Ron Ebert, Leina`ala Enos, Michelle Galimba, Loren Heck, Eldridge Naboa, Marino Ramones, and Simon Torres, Jr.  During its meeting on Wednesday, April 8, the full County Council confirmed those same ten nominees.

The General Plan specifies that "The members [of the Steering Committee] shall be broadly representative of the affected communities." From past experience with CDPs, the Planning Department knows that it is important to have representation on the Steering Committee from people who have first-hand knowledge of the real estate, finance, and land use issues faced by large landowners and developers.  However, from the pool of eligible applicants for the Ka`u Steering Committee, there was not a viable candidate to represent that perspective.

Concerned about this, the Planning Director appointed John Cross as a “non-voting” Steering Committee member on April 6.  Mr. Cross applied to serve on the Steering Committee, but because one of the criteria is principal residence in the district of Ka`u, he was not eligible to serve as a voting member, and his application wasn't considered by the review committee. From past experience working with Mr. Cross, the Director felt that his experience and knowledge will prove invaluable when planning for Ka`u, so she appointed Mr. Cross as a non-voting member to ensure that the Steering Committee is broadly representative.  Non-voting members play the same role as the other members but don’t have voting power, and since they can’t vote, they do not require Mayoral nomination or Council confirmation.


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