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Introduction to Small Group "Talk Story" Meetings

Information about participating in small group "talk story" meetings about the Ka`u community's values and vision

CDPs are designed to reflect community values, vision, and priorities.  Therefore, the County will work hard to involve community residents and others who have a stake in the region in every step of the planning process, particularly the beginning of the process when core community values and people's vision for the future of Ka`u are established.  Those foundational values and vision were identified through small group "talk story" meetings and from a survey. 

Talk story meetings were held from October 2008 to February 2009.  The goal of the talk story meetings was to create accessible forums for safe public participation so that all perspectives in the community are heard and recorded.  Talk story meetings included between 5 and 15 people and typically lasted less than two hours.  Anyone could host a talk story meeting in their home, with a community group, or any other venue.  The County provided a facilitator and all of the necessary materials.

To make sure the diversity of Ka`u residents were heard, the County tracked participants' demographic information, identified gaps in participation, and reached out to people to fill those gaps.

More information about small group talk story meetings, go to the frequently asked questions web page.

People who were unable to attend one of the meetings were invited to complete the survey.

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