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Information about consultants on contract in support of the Ka`u CDP

Building on work already completed, the Planning Department is coordinating CDP writing and production.  To address remaining gaps in the CDP, the Planning Department engaged the following consultants in 2011:

The Hawai‘i Alliance for Community Based Economic Development (HACBED) has been a sub-consultant for the CDP since 2009 and will continue its work on the economic development and capacity building elements of the CDP.  HACBED is a statewide nonprofit that provides community planning, capacity building, and asset building services.

PBR Hawai‘i & Associates was also a project sub-consultant and prepared the Ka‘ū Community Profile for the CDP.  PBR focused on strategies to develop and preserve Ka‘ū’s “green infrastructure” and to repair its “nonconforming” subdivisions.  PBR Hawai‘i has been a full-service planning firm in Hawai‘i for 40 years and has an office in Hilo.  PBR provided its contract deliverables, and the contract expired in May 2013.

Chris Hart & Partners will use community values, vision, and objectives to develop the CDP analysis, policies, and actions related to existing and proposed resort nodes in Ka‘ū.  Chris Hart & Partners is based on Maui and has extensive experience with both private and rural community planning, including both the Lana`i and Moloka`i community plans.  Chris Hart & Partners provided its contract deliverables, and the contract expired in May 2013.

The County of Hawai`i selected these firms from its professional services list, following Hawaii Revised Statutes §103D-304, Procurement of Professional Services. Each year, the County invites firms to submit "statements of qualifications" (SOQ) for one or more of the scores of professional services that the County uses on a regular basis.  An internal review committee evaluates submitted SOQs to determine which firms are qualified to provide each service.  The list of firms qualified to provide services to the Planning Department is available at:

For each of these consultants, a selection committee was convened comprised of two County planners (the Manager of Long Range Planning and a CDP project manager) and a staff member from the Department of Research and Development. Using the consultant scopes of work, the committee ranked the firms listed in category 16 "Community Planning (Community/Regional Plans, General Plan)" (for the two planning consultants) and category 20 "Economist/Social Science (Socio-Economic and Housing Studies)" (for the economic development consulants) by reviewing their SOQs and checking firms’ references. The terms of a contract were then negotiated with the top ranked firms, and contracts were finalized and officially executed. 


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