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CDP Implementation Overview

Information about the Ka'ū CDP implementation process

With ordinance 08-98, Chapter 16, Article 3, of the Hawaii County Code was amended to establish Action Committees that succeed the Steering Committees upon the adoption of CDPs.  The purpose of the Action Committee is to be a proactive community based steward of the CDP's implementation and update.

The Action Committee shall consist of 9 members, all of whom shall have a primary residence in the CDP planning area.  Members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the County Council.  Steering Committee members may serve on the Action Committee.

The duties and responsibilities of the Action Committee include:

  • Provide ongoing guidance and advocacy to advance implementation of the CDP goals, objectives, policies, and actions
  • Broaden community awareness of the CDP and build partnerships as appropriate with governmental and community-based organizations to implement CDP policies and actions

  • Take into consideration state-wide objectives and legislation for long term and sustainable plans for the island as a whole

  • Provide timely recommendations to the County on priorities relating to the County operational budget and the CIP budget and program

  • Receive briefings as requested from the Planning Department on pending and approved permit applications involving property located within the planning area and on other issues related to the CDP

  • Receive briefings from other county agencies as requested on priority actions identified in the CDP, which briefings may be integrated and consolidated by the Mayor's office or the Planning Department into a plan of action for the forthcoming year and a status report on the current year's plan of action

  • Monitor the progress and effectiveness of the CDP including the need for CDP revisions based on emerging statewide plans, new technologies, innovative ideas, or changing conditions

  • Review and make recommendations on interim amendments to the CDP

  • Serve as the Steering Committee as set forth in the General Plan in any comprehensive update of the CDP

  • Provide recommendations to amend the General Plan

  • Carry out other duties specified in the CDP and/or in agreement with the Planning Department.

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