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Downtown Hilo Multimodal Master Plan
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The County of Hawai‘i is pleased to present the Downtown Hilo Multimodal Master Plan!

This document represents a collection of ideas and solutions generated through a three year context sensitive solutions process of study and collaboration. Hundreds of Hilo residents, organizations, and agencies participated in discussions and events to come up with the concepts presented herein, with the collective goal of making Downtown Hilo a more vibrant, walkable and bike friendly community for people of all ages and abilities. The Plan identifies projects and solutions that honor the past while enhancing the qualities that make Downtown Hilo special – its historic character, proximity to the Bayfront, and world renowned destinations.

The recommendations included in the Plan can serve as guidelines to help the County identify and support projects that are important to the community, while remaining flexible, opportunistic, and adaptable to future conditions and feasibility. Like this Plan’s development, implementation should be a collaborative and iterative process involving many partners. Implementing agencies will include the County’s Department of Public Works, Planning Department, Parks and Recreation, Mass Transit Agency, and State Department of Transportation, all of whom were instrumental in developing this Plan. These agencies will continue to work together to refine the DHMMP’s conceptual recommendations through further study and design.

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