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Hāmākua CDP

CDP Outline with Links to Materials

In December 2016, based on public review and comment, the Steering Committee made its final recommendations for CDP revisions and adoption. The December 2016 Recommended CDP was in agency review from February, 2017 to June, 2017 and was then reviewed by the Planning Director. Agency Review Comments can be viewed through the following link: 2018 HCDP Agency Review Comments 

In February 2018, the Planning Director recommended that the CDP be adopted with some changes that clarify and strengthen the plan. 

To view a timeline of the progression of the CDP Planning Process, click on the following link: HCDP Timeline

To view a summary of revisions to the HCDP, click on the following link: HCDP Revision Summary 

The links below will lead you to PDF versions of the Hāmākua Community Development Plan and its various appendices. The CDP will also be available upon request from either of the Hawai'i County Planning Department offices. 




Final Hāmākua CDP  This is a finalized version of the adopted Hāmākua Community Development Plan (Ordinance 2018-078) with accompanying updated photos and graphics. 


ADA Accessible Final Hāmākua CDP

This PDF version of the Hāmākua Community Development Plan is ADA accessible and compatible with screen reader softwares. 


Hāmākua CDP 2018 

(As adopted by County Council as Ordinance 2018-078)

This is the version of the Hāmākua CDP that was adopted by County Council as Ordinance 2018-078 in August 2018.


CDP Purpose and Scope This appendix includes excerpts from the County Charter, the General Plan, the Hawai' i County Code, and a memo from the Planning Director that speak to the purpose and scope of Community Development Plans.
CDP Planning Process Planning Process for the Hāmākua Community Development Plan.

CDP Strategy Rationale

Updated May 2018
Implementation Tools
Community Action Guide 

Detailed rationale and implementation steps for community action.  

Land Use Policy Guide Re-organization of CDP land use policies for use by planners.
Guide to Agencies

Re-organization of CDP "County Actions" and "Advocacy" items. 

Background Analysis
Community Profile December 2010 Draft
ʻAina: Natural and Cultural Resources Management Analysis  August 2013 Draft
Community Building Analysis December 2013 Draft
Local Economic Development Analysis April 2014 Draft
Community Objectives (Revised 2015 November 21)
Hāmākua CDP Values and Vision Statement Report
Action and Monitoring Matrix To be completed after CDP adoption.


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