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Introduction to Community Development Plans

Basic information about Hawai'i County's Community Development Plans

County of Hawai‘i General Plan

The General Plan is the County’s policy document for the long range comprehensive development of the island of Hawai‘i.  It provides the direction for future growth of the County by identifying broad goals, policies, and standards.  As a policy document, the General Plan provides the legal basis for all subdivision, zoning, public improvement projects, and related ordinances.  The General Plan is organized into thirteen elements:

  • Economic
  • Energy
  • Environmental Quality
  • Flooding and Natural Hazards
  • Historic Sites
  • Natural Beauty
  • Natural Resources and Shoreline
  • Housing
  • Public Facilities
  • Public Utilities
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Land Use.

The County Charter requires that a review of the General Plan be initiated every ten years. The County Council approved the most recent update of the General Plan in February of 2005.  Click here to open a PDF version of the plan (9.42 MB).

The County established the CDP program in Chapter 15 of the 2005 General Plan to determine communities’ priorities for land use, infrastructure, economic development, government services, and natural and cultural resource conservation.

Community Development Plans

CDPs are intended to translate broad General Plan goals, policies, and standards into implementation actions as they apply to specific geographical regions around the Island.  CDPs serve as a forum for community input into land-use, the delivery of government services, and any other matters relating to the planning area.  In other words, CDPs create a framework for regional planning that provides residents and other stakeholders the opportunity to actively participate in planning for their communities and implementing those plans.  It is therefore critical that CDPs be based on extensive public involvement and input.  This represents a revolution in planning for the County of Hawai‘i.

The General Plan also states: “In the process of creating the Community Development Plan, it may be determined that the General Plan should be amended. The Planning Director or County Council may initiate amendments to the General Plan, and the steering committee may recommend amendments, that would be enacted at the same time as the Community Development Plan, or as a follow-up to the Community Development Plan. If there is a direct conflict between the Community Development Plan and the General Plan, the General Plan shall be controlling.”

For examples of CDPs, view the latest plans for Puna, Kona, North Kohala, and South Kohala.

More information about the Hāmākua CDP is available elsewhere on this web site.

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