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Draft Hāmākua CDP Documents

Draft elements of the Hāmākua CDP available for public review and comment
File PDF document Hāmākua CDP Community Profile - Draft 1 (December 2010)
The purpose of the community profile is to comprehensively describe the existing conditions of the planning area to provide a fact-based foundation to build policies. The sources of information include previous plans and studies, available mapping data, interviews with agencies, and input from the residents of the area who possess local knowledge. This profile describes the physical, social, cultural, and economic conditions, and also highlights the community’s values, stakeholders, and issues. This Draft represents a 90% complete community profile. In the coming months the Planning Team will follow up with agencies & stakeholders to help complete the profile. In addition, we welcome comments and further input on the draft profile from residents, community organizations and other stakeholders through the end of January, 2011. Please provide feedback to Christian Kay by phone at 808-961-8136 or by email at
File PDF document Hāmākua CDP Values and Vision Statement Report
The Values and Vision statement was adopted on March 1, 2011 by the HCDP Steering Committee
Hāmākua CDP Strategies Under Consideration
Hāmākua CDP Strategies Under Consideration Booklet and Additional Information
Community Objectives
File PDF document CDP Preliminary Working Draft Revision Summary (Nov.21, 2015)


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