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Past and Current Planning Activities in the Hāmākua CDP Planning Area

Materials related to planning efforts undertaken in in the Hāmākua CDP Planning Area, including Environmental Assessments
Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan
Hawai'i County Food Self-Sufficiency Baseline 2012
Environmental Impact Statements for the Hāmākua CDP Planning Area
Final environmental assessment documents for the area. [Draft documents will only be published for ongoing environmental assessments, all other EA & EIS documents published on this site will be Final versions unless noted otherwise.]
File PDF document A Plan for the Hilo Hāmākua Coast
A plan from the State of Hawaii, Community-Based Economic Development Program and the Hilo-Hāmākua Community Development Corporation, prepared by Michael Kramer in July, 2000.
File PDF document Hāmākua Agriculture Plan
A community-based agriculture plan for the Hāmākua district completed in 2006.
File Planning for Rural Areas - The Road Less Traveled
A presentation of planning strategies for rural areas prepared by the Office of Planning, Coastal Zone Management as a Rural Policy & Best Practices Project.
File Important Agricultural and Rural Lands - "The Road Ahead"
A presentation from the Hawai`i Congress of Planning Officials regarding the Important Agricultural designation from November 2005.
File PDF document North East Hawai`i Community Development Plan, June 1979
Prepared by EDAW Inc., and JHK Tanaka Inc., for County of Hawai`i.
File PDF document A Plan for the North Hilo District, December 1970
A plan prepared for the County of Hawai`i Planning Department and the North Hilo Community Council by Hiroshi Kasamoto, Planner, and Lum, Miyamoto and Associates, Incl, AIA.
File County of Hawai`i Agriculture Development Plan, July 1992
A plan prepared for the County of Hawai`i Research & Development Department
File A Checklist of Crops and Livestock for the Hāmākua Region (updated in April 2003)
This is a Hawai`i County leaflet produced by the University of Hawai`i Cooperative Extension Service (originally printed in January 1993, updated in April 2003)
File PDF document Department of Hawaiian Home Lands: Hawai`i Island Plan, May 2002
Report prepared by PBR Hawai`i.
File A Description of the Ecological Zones of the Hāmākua Region (undated?)
Prepared by John Cross (Mauna Kea Agribusiness), Derek Shigematsu (Hāmākua Sugar Co.), Dr. Yusef Tamini (UH College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources - Beaumont Research Station), and Dr. Mike Nagao (UH College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources - Cooperative Extension Services). This is a description of ecological zones based on temperature, rainfall, and general soil conditions found in each zone.
File PDF document Honoka`a Urban Design Plan, August 1979
A design plan prepared for the County of Hawai`i by EDAW Inc., and JHK Tanaka Inc.
File PDF document Hāmākua Coast Archaeological and Historical Report, September 1977
Hāmākua Coast Historic Sites and Feasibility Study, Waipi`o Valley Archaeological Survey, Prepared by EDAW, Inc. and JHK Tanaka, Inc.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Hakalau Forest Reserve
Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge’s goals are to aid in the recovery of endangered forest birds and plants, and restore their habitat
Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Planning Update 1
February 2009
Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Planning Update 2
October, 2009
Hawai`i Coastal Zone Management Program
Hawaii 's CZM Program was enacted to provide a common focus for state and county actions dealing with land and water uses and activities. As the State's resource management policy umbrella, it is the guiding perspective for the design and implementation of allowable land and water uses and activities throughout the state.
Atlas of Hawaiian Watersheds & their Aquatic Resources: Hilo Region
Atlas of Hawaiian Watersheds & their Aquatic Resources : Hāmākua Region
College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources: Hawai`i Water Quality Extension Program
This page links to all of the projects that have been undertaken throughout the island of Hawaii since 1990 using EPA Section 319 grant funds.
Hawai`i Island Land Trust
Hawai’i Island Land Trust (HILT) facilitates the protection of environmentally-sensitive lands (watersheds, floodplains, native habitat) open space, agricultural and ranching lands, cultural sites, and historically significant areas that are important for present and future generations. This includes coastal lands, wetlands, pasture lands, mountain lands and forest lands. We serve only the Island of Hawai’i.
File PDF document State of Hawai`i Hazard Mitigation Plan, Summary Maps Chapter 3
The summary maps show four general types of hazards that may be linked with stronger hazard events. These maps show tsunami inundation, stream flooding, high winds, and damaging high waves, and provide a general history of these event occurrences collected through extensive research from various sources.
File PDF document Hāmākua Regional Plan from Kaiaakea to Waipio, November 1990
A joint regional planning effort involving the communities of the Hāmākua Coast on the Big Island, County of Hawai`i and State Government, and the private sector.
File PDF document Mauna Kea Watershed Management Plan
Prepared for the Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance by M. Carolyn Stewart, 15 April 2010.
File PDF document Waipi'o Valley Community Action Plan, Draft 2003
Dr. Luciano Minerbi, Anna F. Poerbonegoro, MA, Department of Urban & Regional Planning University of Hawai’i at Manoa. D R A F T --- Prepared for Waipi´o Valley Community Circle for discussion purposes only ---
File PDF document Waipi'o Valley: Towards Community Planning and Ahupua'a Management, 1999
File PDF document Waipi'o Stream Management Plan
A plan from USDA NRCS, May 2008.
File PDF document Kalopa and Pa'auilo Bridges, DPW 2007
Hakalau Beach Park, EPA Brownfields Success Story, March 2012
Planning for Sustainable Tourism, 2001, DBEDT
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