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Hawai'i County Community Development Plans

Welcome to the Hawai'i County Planning Department's Community Development Plans (CDP) online information resource

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Community Development Plans are intended to translate broad General Plan Goals, Policies, and Standards into implementation Actions as they apply to specific geographical regions around the Island. CDPs are also intended to serve as a forum for Community input into land-use, delivery of government services and any other matters relating to the planning area.



Please see the following memos from Planning Director, Michael Yee, regarding the Community Development Plan Action Committee Meeting schedules for 2019 and 2020 as well as the General Plan Comprehensive Update process. 


Director's Memo November 2, 2020

Director's Memo December 31, 2019

Director's Memo July 5, 2019


For district-specific CDP information, go to the district you are interested in using the tabs above or the menu at right.


APPLY HERE to become a member of your CDP Action Committee.  


If you have questions regarding the status of your application or the application process please contact Pōmaikaʻi Bartolome, Executive Assistant to Mayor Roth, or (808) 961-8504.

The Action Committees (AC) consist of nine volunteer residents who are responsible for implementing resident-driven solutions from the CDPs that positively transform their communities in partnership with a network of businesses, non-profits and community leaders. Committee members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the County Council. They must reside in the CDP planning area and are required to make the following commitments:

  • Duration of Commitment. Willing and able to commit to a term of up to four years.
  • Time Commitment. Willing and able to: 1) attend regular (quarterly) meetings during evenings and weekends; and 2) invest a minimum of 8 hours of work each month advancing CDP implementation through work on priority projects/initiatives.
  • Personal Commitment. Possess 1) a deep love for their community; 2) a passion for equity; and 3) a motivation to work for the greater good of their community.
  • Learning Commitment. Willing and able to: 1) attend training and workshops relative to facilitation, network development, local government, planning processes, equitable community engagement etc.; and 2) work with the community to identify other capacity building needs and opportunities.
  • Action Commitment. Willing and able to: 1) develop priorities and a work plan to implement community actions in the CDPs; 2) intentionally and explicitly engage all factions of their community with specific attention to those who are marginalized and underrepresented; and 3) organize and attend public meetings and workshops.
  • Collaboration Commitment: Willing and able to: 1) be a point of contact for CDP and AC initiatives; 2) develop partnerships with individuals, non-profits, businesses and community groups/associations; 3) transmit project updates and involvement opportunities regularly to their CDP region; 4) document and share lessons learned/successes with CDP ACs around the island; and 5) agree to follow meeting ground rules and operating principles of the Action Committee and Planning Department.


Please see the following Corporation Counsel Memo regarding political campaigns for all County Officers and Employees: 

Memorandum 2020-01 Political Campaign Restrictions - Corporation Counsel




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