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Subject:                                                  NEW 2015-2018 (+2) STIP Development



NEW 2015 -2018 (+2) STIP Development!

HDOT is currently in the process of developing the STIP for the next 4 years. We have compiled a financially unconstrained STIP for 2015-2018 based on eligibility, our management systems and project readiness.

The development of the Oahu portion of the STIP (the Oahu TIP) is being done by the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (Oahu MPO). Once approved, the Oahu TIP will be placed into the STIP "as is".

Here is a link for information on the Oahu process.

HDOT will process the neighbor island portion of the STIP and will be holding public informational meetings on the neighbor islands in May.

For information about the new 15-18 (+2) STIP and the upcoming public informational meetings on the neighbor islands, please see the following link.


Information Page:

Neighbor Island Public Information Meeting Schedule:

Follow the STIP on Facebook and Twitter for notices regarding the development and management of the STIP.