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Planning Phase

This folder contains information and documents related to the entire planning phase of the Puna CDP. Documents included in this file range from the initial planning phase to adoption of the Puna CDP.
Frequently Asked Questions for the Puna Community Development Plan planning phase.
Public Questions and Answers
Answers to ninety-five questions submitted by attendees of the Puna CDP kick-off meetings
Steering Committee
Meeting schedule, agendas, minutes and other documents relevant to the Puna Steering Committee.
Community Input
This section contains input from individuals and organizations regarding the Puna Community Development Plan effort. This input may have been addressed to either the Mayor, Planning Director/Department, CDP Project Manager or Consultant or the Steering Committee. Each input item was distributed to the CDP Project Manager, CDP Project Consultant, and the Steering Committee for review and consideration. Posting of these items for public review does not constitute any endorsement of the views presented or the accuracy of statements made by the County of Hawai'i, the CDP Project Consultant or the Steering Committee.
Meetings and Workshops
Information and outcomes from Puna CDP public meetings and workshops, including the small group meetings that provided the initial public input to the CDP process.
Consultant Working Papers
Working papers from the Puna CDP consultant. NOTE that two print copies of each paper will be made available in each of the Puna libraries and the Hilo library.
Working Groups
Working Group reports, report evaluations and other documents relevant to the working groups.
Information on the adoption process for the Puna Community Development plan including Planning Commission hearings, County Council Planning Committee and regular meetings, introduced amendments, public testimony and comments.
File PDF document Process and Timeline Diagram
A graphical illustration of the Puna CDP planning phase process and timeline.
Events relevant to the Puna CDP process
Media reports on the Puna CDP - articles, links, etc.
Final Draft, Pre-Drafts and Draft Plan Recommendations
Contains the final draft, Pre-draft versions of CDP and recommendations and dialog between planning consultant, Steering Committee, Working Group Members and community participants that helped shape final draft Puna CDP
Puna Transportation Alternatives
Presentation slides and transcript of presentation by Puna CDP transportation consultant - from August 8 2007 public information meeting in Kea'au on Puna transportation alternatives

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