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Kona CDP

Information and documents for the Kona Community Development Planning process Please note that some documents have been retracted, they are being worked on to bring them to ADA compliance - if you are looking for the KCDP, Draft Finance Plan, Village Design Guidelines please call our Kona Office, Terry Dunlap (323-4770) to make arraignments to obtain the electronic versions of these documents.
KCDP Action Committee
This folder contains information about the Kona Community Development Plan Action Committee. The documents include: KCDP Meeting Agenda and Minutes, the KCDP "White Paper", the KCDP-AC Work Plan, the KCDP Action Committee application, selection criteria and selection process as well as the ordinance, approved by the County Council, establishing the CDP Action Committees.
Kona CDP Village Design Guidelines Working Folder
This folder contains the draft of the Village Design Guidelines, Executive Summary of Calibration done, and large view of Table 12
Honokohau Village - A Vision for Transit Oriented Development
This is a link to the website for the Honokohau Village Plan- the first Transit Oriented Development that will follow and comply with the Kona Community Development Plan, this project will also be used to calibrate the Village Design Guidelines proposed in the KCDP for future TOD developments to follow.
KCDP Final
Adopted KCDP Ordinance - Volumes 1 and 2 Please note that Volume 1 is the plan itself and Volume 2 is the background information and reports collected.
Contact information
Kona CDP Contact Information
Kona CDP Public Facilities Financing Plan Working Folder
Draft of the Kona CDP Public Facilities Financing Plan (PFFP) will be found here along with any documents relative to the development, review and approval of the plan.
Proposed Revisions to Maps
These will reflect the proposed revised maps that have been recommended by the Action Committee.
Kona CDP Action Committee Meeting Nov 30, 2016 from 02:00 PM to 04:30 PM West Hawaii Civic Center - Planning Conference Room,

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