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Ka'ū Community Development Plan


 The links below will lead you to PDF versions of the Ka'ū Community Development Plan and its various attachments.

This document is also available upon request from either of the Hawai'i County Planning Department offices.


Ka'ū Community Development Plan

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1. Introduction

1.1  Executive Summary
1.2  Majestic Ka'u: Land, Community, and Livelihood
1.3  Ka'u Tomorrow: Community Action
1.4  Ka'u Today: Community Assets and Challenges
1.5  From Vision to Action

2. Applicability

2.1  Purpose
2.2  Relationship to the General Plan
2.3  Planning Area
2.4  Types of Strategies
2.5  CDP Implementation Roles and Guides
2.6  Strategy Summaries

3. Advance Preferred Conservation and Settlement Patterns

3.1  Preferred Settlement Patterns
3.2  General Plan Alignment
3.3  Community Objectives
3.4  Land Use Policy
3.5  County Action
3.6  Community-Based, Collaborative Action

4. Protect and Enhance Natural and Cultural Resources

4.1  Expand the Local System of Preserves
4.2  Protect the Coast from Development
Protect Agricultural Lands & Open Space
4.4  Protect Mauka Forests
4.5  Preserve Scenic Areas
4.6  Protect and Enhance Ecosystems
4.7  Protect and Enhance Cultural Assets
4.8  Establish and Manage Public Access
4.9  Establish and Manage a Regional Trail System
4.10 Establish and Manage Access and Trail Facilities

5. Strengthen Infrastructure, Facilities, and Services

5.1  Coordinate Infrastructure, Facility, and Service Improvements
5.2  Improve Water Infrastructure
5.3  Enhance the Roadway Network
5.4  Formalize Alternative Routes
5.5  Expand Mass Transit Facilities and Services
5.6  Strengthen Emergency and Health Facilities
5.7  Expand Emergency Services
5.8  Improve Environmental Management Facilities
5.9  Strengthen and Expand Education Facilities and Services
5.10 Expand Parks and Recreation Facilities

6. Build a Resilient, Sustainable Local Economy

6.1  Coordinate Regional Economic Development
6.2  Preserve Opportunities to Live Off the Land
6.3  Strengthen Local Agriculture
6.4  Develop Community Renewable Energy
6.5  Pilot Payment for Ecosystem Services
6.6  Grow Health and Wellness Services
6.7  Promote the Creative, Education, and Research Sectors
6.8  Develop the Local Visitor Sector
6.9  Expand Local Retail

7. Pursue Potential Synergistic Projects

7.1  Develop and Implement Plans for Punalu'u



CDP Purpose and Scope


Planning Process


Community Profile

4A. Natural and Cultural Resource Management Analysis

11x17 green infrastructure Maps 123, and 4
(insert between pages 14 & 15).  
Policy rationale and strategy identification matrix.

4B. Community Building Analysis
11x17 maps for pp. 20223474190191
Policy Rationale and strategy identification matrix.
4C. Local Economic Development Analysis
Policy rationale and strategy identification matrix.
4D. Preferred Future Growth Pattern
5. CDP Strategy Rationale

To be Updated

Brief explanations for each "County Policy"
and "Advocacy" item in the CDP.
6. Land Use Policy Guide

To be Updated

Re-organization of CDP land use policies for use by planners.
7. Guidance to Agencies

To be Updated

Re-organization of CDP "County Actions" and "Advocacy" items. 
8A. Community-Based, Collaborative Action Guide

To be Updated

Detailed rationale and implementation steps
for community action. 
8B. Action and Monitoring Matrix Yet to be completed.


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