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Hilo Bayfront Trails Phase I - Planning

The Hilo Bayfront Trails Planning project is the first phase of a three-phase project that will result in a comprehensive system of multi-use pathways along Hilo Bayfront from the Wailuku River to Hilo Harbor.

Hilo Bayfront Trails Final Environmental Assessment

Final Environmental Assessment published by the Office of Environmental Quality Control on April 23, 2010.

Hilo Bayfront Trails Final Environmental Assessment

Hilo Bayfront Trails Draft Environmental Assessment

Published for review and comment effective January 8, 2010.

Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for Hilo Bayfront Trails



Hilo Bayfront Trails Master Plan 90.2 MB

Hilo Bayfront Trails Master Plan 8 MB


Phase I of the Hilo Bayfront Trails project has been funded by a grant from the Hawaii Tourism Authority Natural Resources Program with matching resources provided by the County of Hawaii.

The Hilo Bayfront Trails project is aligned with the following goals of the Hawaii Tourism Authority Natural Resources Program:

  • Improve value-added amenities at natural resource sites.
  • Explore innovative means to repair, maintain and improve Hawaii's natural resources.
  • Raise awareness of all stakeholders about the responsible use of natural resources.
  • Increase collaboration among government agencies, the visitor industry and the community.

Phase 1 - Part 1 Conceptual and Schematic Planning

The Hawaii County Resource Center is managing this community-based planning phase and, for the first component of Phase I, has contracted with a consultant team from Helber Hastert and Fee Planners, Inc. to produce the plan. This team has been given the following specific planning criteria which were developed by the County in collaboration with a Stakeholder Advisory Committee:

  • The design will be informed by community input via three public meetings
  • Trail system will connect significant landmarks and destinations
  • Design will provide an aesthetic experience
  • Where practical, provide safety from vehicles, natural hazards, and crime in the plan
  • Minimize impacts to the environment, landowners, and businesses
  • Foster business opportunities
  • Keep the plan cost-effective

Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The Hilo Bayfront Trails planning project is a highly collaborative initiative, guided by an informal advisory committee consisting of representatives of county, state, and federal agencies alongside representatives of key stakeholder groups including canoe clubs, youth and adult soccer leagues, Hilo Downtown Improvement Association, EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 VisionKeepers, Keaukaha Community Association, Kanoelehua Industrial Area Association, Hawaii Island Bike System Advocates, Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce, Big Island Resource Conservation and Development Council, and Connections New Century Public Charter School. This committee is purely advisory in nature and its roles are:

  • Assist in drafting the scope of work for the planning consultant
  • Serve as community resources to the planning consultant
  • Assist the planning team by compiling all known Hilo Bayfront planning designs, past and current
  • Keep stakeholder constituencies informed on the project's progress

Records of the three public meetings, survey results, and other related materials are included on this site.

Hilo Bayfront Trails Master Plan 90.2MB

Hilo Bayfront Trails Master Plan 8 MB

Public Meeting #1 Record

Public Meeting #2 Record

Public Meeting #3 Record

Phase I - Part 2 Environmental Assessment and Special Management Area Major Permit

The Hawaii County Resource Center has contracted with Hilo-based Geometrician Associates, LLC to conduct an Environmental Assessment and to prepare the Special Management Area Major Permit package for the County. This work is expected to take one year to complete.


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