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What's the next step with the CDP?

Next Steps:

On December 19, 2016, the HCDP Steering Committee made final recomendations for CDP revisions and adoption.  These revisions were based on the March - June 2016 public review and comment on the Draft CDP.  Summaries of the feedback received are available in the "CDP Input" section of this website.  

Next Steps Include:

  • Agency review (the CDP Team is currently reviewing Agency comments)
  • Planning Director review
  • Planning Commission public hearings and recommendation
  • County Council public hearings and action
  • Mayor signature
  • Action Committee appointed to guide CDP implementation.



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 11.2.16 Meeting Reminder11.2.16 Meeting Reminder










Speak Up & SpeakOut - Give Your Feedback on the Draft CDP

The Draft Review process will provide multiple opportunities for community feedback on the Draft Plan.

After the Community Review Phase, the CDP Steering Committee will review all of the feedback and make final decisions about CDP revisions before recommending that the County adopt the CDP.


The CDP Planning Process:

Based on thousands of "talk story" and survey comments from community members, the Steering Committee first adopted a foundational Values and Vision Statement.  Next, building both on available data and local knowledge documented at three Regional Workshops, a baseline Community Profile was drafted.  Using those two pillars, the Steering Committee then adopted Community Objectives focused on natural resources, community character, and the local economy.

Using the background analysis in Appendix V4 of the draft CDP, the Planning Team explored alternative strategies to include in the initial draft of the CDP.  All of the background analysis and exploration of alternative strategies was focused on achieving the objectives adopted by the Steering Committee.

While drafting the CDP, the County and consultants met with a range of stakeholders to gather additional information, discuss the pros and cons of different approaches, align complementary plans and strategies, and explore roles in implementation. 


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