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Draft CDP For Public Review: March 2016

CDP outline with links to draft documents, and forms for providing feedback on draft materials

Outline with Links to Draft Materials

Download draft sections of the CDP by clicking on the links in the CDP outline below.

Two versions of the Draft CDP are available: a shorter "clean" copy, and a longer version that includes brief explanations for each CDP strategy.

Public SpeakOuts are being held on April 9th, April 23rd and May 7th to visually introduce the CDP, and the SpeakOut posters and handouts are available online.

Immediately below the CDP outline, information can be found about providing feedback, the structure of the CDP, drafts of the CDP, navigating the draft documents, and related resources.


Document Navigation Tips

Sections of Appendix V4 are not designed to be read from start to finish.  Consider reading through the introductory sections and then using the tables of contents, figures, and tables to find material of greatest interest.

Internal hyperlinks have been inserted to simplify navigation within documents.

Each document also has "Bookmarks," which can be seen by opening the Bookmark navigation pane in Adobe Acrobat Reader: View/ Navigation Panels/ Bookmarks.

After following an internal link, it is easy to return to the previous point in the document by using either the Bookmark navigation pane or the "Previous View" button, which can be added to the "Page Navigation" toolbar in Acrobat Reader.

Providing Feedback

The draft materials are works-in-progress.  It is expected that they will be revised as conditions change and new information becomes available.  The "Status" section above includes links to summaries of revisions that the Planning Department is already aware of.

Feedback on draft CDP materials is welcome and encouraged.  Please use the Feedback Forms provided in the "Feedback Form" section above to record and save comments.  Feedback and comments may be emailed to or mailed to:

Attn: Hāmākua CDP
Hawai`i County Planning Department
101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3

Hilo, HI  96720

You may also use the CDP feedback form to submit your feedback.


CDP Structure

Currently, the CDP is structured as outlined above. 

The intent is to keep the body of the CDP as concise and accessible as possible, leaving supporting material and analysis in the appendix.  Chapters I, II, and III will be concise summaries.  Though more detail will be provided in the chapters in section IV, "The Plan," they will also be as concise as possible.

Materials in Chapters V of the appendix set the context for and provide the detailed analysis behind the body of the CDP.  Therefore, they were the first to be completed.

CDP Drafts

The first draft of the CDP, the "Preferred CDP," will include Appendices V1-4, the body of the CDP in Chapters I-IV, and the working draft of Appendix V6, "Glossary."

The second draft of the CDP, the "Draft CDP," will include revisions based on community and Steering Committee review and add the implementation tools in Appendices V5A and B.  The third draft, the "Final CDP," will add the monitoring and evaluation tools in Appendix V5C.

As the CDP comes together, it is likely that additional sections or chapters will be added.



Document Actions


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